Thursday, 12 November 2009

A little more vis-migging

with the vismigging quieting down now i thought i would give it a quick go,
not a good choice.FOG
remember how just a few posts ago i said about the 252 canada geese in the flock,today there was only 53,where have the other 199 gone, about 90 winter thrushes went over( 60 redwing ,30 fieldfare), 5 pied wagtails kept flying around,as the fog got worse i saw the shapes of 3 swans approching from the north,for a few seconds i was hoping they were whoopers but after they got about 50 metres from me,they were only the regular pair of mutes but with a young in toe,3 nuthatch were calling away but only gave brief and/or distant views.although the goldcrests were amazing preformers,showing a couple of metres away.

but the highlight of the sesion was a snipe sp that flew SE along the river,the views were brief and quite a distance away so no positive ID.
a quick check of moorhall marsh produced a showy great spotted woodie and a few flyover redwings and mistle thrush.

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