Monday, 30 November 2009


as major flooding sets in in cumbria,i was out prowling on the patch,and like cumbria,it was underwater.the small lake had almost trippled in size and the resulting wet grassland covered the site, but from past experiance i know that on lickhill this is good!
strait to the vismig point where 3 female pheasant were lerking.a male was seen briefly in flight. a scan of the small flock of gulls produced 20 BHG's,20c l b b gulls and a odd gull,i managed one distant film before all the gulls were spooked,i was so confused by it i even took a field scetch
any ideas on it! (the gull that is in the middle of the screen after the heron)
i personally think its an odd lesser but i may be could be a normal lesser plumage or a totally different species.
but carrying on:
2 grey wagtial were watched on the floods along with 2 pied wagtails.
an unusual count of 2 grey herons was on site(an adult and a juv)
2 nuthatch's were caling in the woodlands
a treecreaper was perched on the side of a trunk and looked as if it was only just waking up.although they usually roost in cracks in trees.


and to finish it off you remember that 'little egret' i had at slimbridge,it turns out it is more plastic than the is a fake.a plastic egret.and i thought it was real, the shame. they staff put it out a few weeks before to try and attract a random egret pair,cant they just put a note in the hide saying there was a very lifelike plastic egret at the back.

well anyway thanks to the know who you are???

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