Monday, 16 November 2009


so upton warren
again the moors as i still craved more views of the bittern.on entering the west hide i was told that a bittern was in the reeds in front of the hide but had dissapeared and that the pink foot was still with the canada flock,well the pink foot was easy to find:

(bad video of pink foot in little light).

it wasent long before a bittern shown,i looked at the area and i had it straight away,it then ducked down again and never saw it on the ground again for more than a second.after about 30 mins,i saw abittern bommed out at the top end of the lake from the dead tree area of reeds(where we posibly saw one on the way to the hide).it flew over to the north moors and dropped in the reeds.then the bittern that was in front of the hide shot out and flew towards the north moors and landed in exacly the same section of reeds!!!

at dusk 17 greylag geese roosted at the moors

highlights are:



17 greylag

3 water rail

3 cettis

2 bullfinch


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