Friday, 17 July 2009


upton warren
prittlyslow today.the oystercatcher pair had hatched 2 young and were acting very cute

there was also a lapwing chick on the shingle island in front of the east hide(moors).

and mommy lapwing

the only other highlight was a common sand which showed briefly for my dad but not meipent most of the time counting how many chicks the birds had.highlights and how many young(if known):

1 little grebe

6 g c grebe(3 young)

mute swan(6 cygnets)

canada geese(7 goslings)

5 gadwall

2 shoveler

3 teal(per my dad)

3 pochard(per my dad)

10c tufted duck(13+ young)

moorhen(2 young)

122 coot(numorous young)

3 oystercatcher(+2 young)

5 lapwing(1 young)

1 common sand

b h gull(tons of chicks)

8 common tern(2 young)

1 kingfisher

the usual warblers

1 bullfinch

at the flashes it was little better,the greylag family was still showing well by the benches on the south side of the sailing pool,but the range of waders was bigger(7 species).green sands put on a good showing right in front of the hide giving a great photo oprotunity

4 teal were newcomers which included 1 drake.4 common terns were flying around but it looked as if the nesting pair had failed as the birds failed to land on the island during the time we were in the was saddening to see that only 1 LRP chick had survived and we though that this survivor wouldent last long either(and it didnt)
highlights from here:

4 g c grebe(sailing)

10 greylag(sailing)

3 gadwall

4 teal

10c tufties

1 oystercatcher

9 avocet

6 LRP(1 young)

30c lapwing

14 green sands

6 common sand

8 curew

4 common tern

1 stock dove

1 green wood

2 pied wag(first ive seen for ages)

the usualwarblers

2 reed buntings

to show how small the LRP chick is watch this(bear in mind it is a week old)
and i will finish this post with a beautiful landscape



Marcus Conway - ebirde said...

Great blog and nice vids. Keep it up
Marcus Conway - ebirder

midlands birder said...

thanks for the comment marcus,love the pics on ur site.keep it up
funny thing i have a friend who's last name is conway.