Saturday, 18 July 2009

tree creepin


garden feeders

the pair of breeding nuthatches from last year didnt return and since then i have had a lot of trouble catching up with them(only seen them twice before now) so it was a big suprise to see 2 feeding on the next doors tree.a treecreeper was on the tree in my garden and a female blackcap was in a nearby willow.2 robin young have taken residence in the garden and are giving good view.2 golcrest were latched onto the tit flock in the garden.also 3 each of chaffinch and coal tit.


Stewart said...

Hello MB, thanks for the comment on my blog. Two Arctic Terns is a good record inland at this time I reckon. Keep working the patch and you will add to your growing list I'm sure. Isee you like Waxwings. We get them most winters up here in Northumberland and last winter was a belter. I couldnt go out without bumping into them! I hope you get some on your local patch this year...Good Luck!

midlands birder said...

hi stewart
thanks for the comment.i was happy with these birds being a county tick for me and my friend who was there.i have also got arctics om my warwickshire and worcestershire lists.(and my first record was only on 18/04/09 so its ot that bad going)yes i really do love waxwings i was super happy to find a flock of 20 a few miles from my dads house only to a couple months later to find 5 that stayed 2 days in march while walking back from school.i'd love to constantly see them though.(a lot of berries around this year too)good birding