Monday, 13 July 2009


this time i havent forgot about sheepwash.apart from 2 common terns which gave stunning views along the raised ground along the r. tame expeshily at the area near the fishing pool where the bird flew within a few feet of me(to busy watching through bins to get camera)the birds landed on the island near the path and i took the op to 'borrow' my friends camera(a lot more zoom than mine) and i started snapping away. a few photos i took:
the terns(with a tuftie)

close up on swans

great crest with young
and a 'royal' common tern
(if you really look at this pic,open your artistic mind, it looks like a royal tern,god knows how i do it,....crap i'm sounding like my goth art teacher)
the terns were obsrved displaying and passing fish but me and my friend agreed that it was too late for breeding so we passed it off as pair bonding.
highlights were:
2 little grebe
8 g c grebe(2 young)
1(eclipse) gadwall
1 unnamed duck that is wrongly persicuted
2 common terns
6 reed warbler(good views on reedy pool)
noted a comma butterfly and a few red admirals
today i went paintballing with my school it was imence.overall we used over 10,000 was maniotic.i heard a few goldcrest like calls in a habitat that looked good for firecrest(also the surrounding fields look good for quail,the area is by shareshill,staffs.i didnt look for it as i was a little preocupied by a hail of paint.our team won the day but didnt win nothin ,how bunk is was really fun though and i very much enjoyed shooting at some people i dont like,SWEET REVENGE

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