Tuesday, 16 June 2009

stackpole day 2

even though visibility out at sea was bad but with just 15 mins of seawatching(too restless to search the area) we had both 2 manx searwater and 2 sandwich terns.both are the second record ive ever had.both a biot distant though and little plumage detail could be seen through the fog.i must say though it was pritty much the same stuff as mentioned before.a flaged juvernile kitiwake flew past the head.
i have 4 highlights for this trip though the 2 mentioned above and 1 whinchat which gave close but brief views over the hike around the head,and 9 yes 9 chough.that was a proppa sight and got some quite good pics(well come on it is me your talking about)
the fulmars were perticulary photogenic and came verrrry close
the painted ladys i mentioned in the last post were still pasing through and we counted about the same number as last time

a random great black an one of the many beaches

and a rock pipit

over the whole 2 trips to the head we counted only 2 male wheatear and both were super flighty and we found one of their nests in a hole in the ground.i managed 1 video of the male

the pipits and larks were scurrying around my feet again and while doing this we stumbled upon a skylark nest which we were guided away from by the adult(m or f god knows)

the razorbills gave close views at a nest hole/ledge/crack thing.

a pair of choughs

highlights are

fulmar 15+

2 manxies

3 gannet

2 shag

3 oyc

6 g b b gull


2 sandwich tern

same totals as last time 4 guillemot and razorbill

9 skylark

15c rock pipit

4 meadow pipit

5 wheatear

1 whinchat

1 lesserthroat

9 chough

13 linnet

i didnt go birding again during the holiday spending most of my time playing footie or in the pub(not that good for a 14 year old to say that)it was a good holiday and i will do one last post showing the best pics and videos of the holiday.

im goin to make a small poll.

what do you think is the best bird i saw on the holiday.for me it is the ring ouzel on the way there.but its up to you


sorry for the recent lack of posts,had a lot of school stuff to do.


Reg The Birder said...

In the pub? I hope my adventures in Islay haven't set you off down the wrong path!

Oh, and best bird? I think choughs are pretty special.

midlands birder said...

no way,i only read about your islay adventures after my holiday,all me im affraid.will say one thing though i did win £60(kerching) on the gamblers in 2 nights.(the owner of the pub didnt like it much)and it is very good for meating girls and playin pool.
the choughs are easily up there and a flock of 9 in the breeding season is amazing.but for me the rouzel just edges it(it is the first ive seen)

Billy said...

We're getting to that age now Reg!


midlands birder said...

well said billy