Tuesday, 23 June 2009

...but phalarope stops the show

upton warren flashes

got up a around 9:10ate my breakfast then brusshed my teeth.then i started to do a few sit-ups as usual for my mounings then suddanly had an urge to check my phone.i had a txt.it was from brian stretch.i thought it was just saying thks for the txts i sent him the night before.i open the message and almost died.RED NECKED PHALEROPE,UPTON WARREN FLASHES.right lets move.run to my dad who was lying in bed and just said 'halerope at upton can we go please' after a bit he agreed to take me and at about 9:40 we were on our way.i must say that i delt with the twitching pressure quite well(for all non birders-the fear that the bird will fly away during the time for you to get there therefore 'dippping the bird').

the first 'real' bird i encountered was acouple of spotted flycatchers on overhead wires at chaddsley corbert opposite the hotel on the a448(now know the hotel is called brockencote house).we pulled into the outdoor centre and imidiatly noted the carpark was chock full.we found a space and i jumped out.i pulled on my lucky anorack(dark blue with a rip under the left arm,a good way to tell me in a twitch,more on the coat later).3 birders were chatting near the small pool,i didnt recognise any but later found out one was brain stretch.i might be good at id ing birds but when it comes to peope im hopeless,unless your a friend i know well.

decided to skip all the other hides and jumped in the last hide.the door was open and i walked in and was squeezed back out.there was more people in the hide than in a chinesse express train at rush hour.i squezed in near the door and asked where the bird was in a polite manor to the birder next to me.he told me it was behind the sticks.after a few minuites he asked if i had it and i said no.he let me look thorough his scope and i saw the bird swimming around in a casual manor.it was a RED-NECKED PHALEROPE(lifer 186).i said thanks and then went back to my scope and got it straight away(funny how that always happens isnt it).i went straight for photos but all my efforts were laughable.the bird was at a long range at means as it is smaller than a starling it was had for all the people trying to get photos and the weather wasent acting well for photos either but even though all my images are bad i will put my best one in to show i have seen it:

this video shows just how far the bird was even with a scope(i really feel sorry for all those birders with only bins)

better images were got by other photographers as the bird came closer later in the day and a few can be seen here at worcester birding(and dont forget the one on birdguides)

andy shaw was in the hide and we had a quick chat about how it is a lifer for me and a worcs tick for him having missed 3 others(a lot of bad luck then).i must admit i did stop talking to him very suddenly because i wanted to get a decent pic of the bird(at very least a recognisable one).so i will say now i am sorry for that.i paid little attention to the other birds presant but saw 2 green sands including one which in the photo shows a very bold eyestripe(but it is a green sand)

soz not the cropped version

and the usual avocet pic:

highlight i know from here are:

10 greylag on sailing

2 gadwall

13 avocet

7 lrp

2 green sand(although 3 were seen)

1 redshank

1 RED NECKED PHALEROPE(amazing county bird,possibly best bird of year,but waxies wtill my favorite)

1 common tern on sailing

2 sedge warbler

1 cettis

2 reed warbler

2 reed bunts



Kay said...

Little cracker wasn't it? Congrats on the lifer, only the second I've ever seen.

midlands birder said...

yes it was an amazing little bird,shame i didnt get a decent photo of it though.
when did you see it i was there in the mouning?

Kay said...

Didn't get there till about 6pm-ish, stopped off on the way back from Somerset. Was quite overcast when we got there, not the best light to see it in.

midlands birder said...

2 be honest the whole day was quite bad weather for viewing it and made photography almost imposible.when i was there the bird confined itself to the back of the flash where the light reflected off the water(but did occasionally move away)so that my camera made the image too dark on auto settings.i did go onto manual setting but it made little difference.