Monday, 22 June 2009

another kite

yet another red kite apeared for me on the patch.i was gobsmacked to see this.found while on moorhall meadow(remember the meadow pipit) i watched it drift over the wood at lickhill.while i was still watching the bird i phoned geoff laight and told him about my find(well his wife actually).i txt the news to my dad,brian stretch and andy shaw.even though i had seen over 50 in the last few weeks i still find a kite in worcester a pretty big bird(but not red necked phalarope big).
other highlights are mostly of me finding nests and juvinile birds:
2 willow warbler and nest
2 whitethroat+nest
2 phesant+2 young(1st confirmed breedingon site for this ultiamte plastic)

1 kingfisher
2 coal tit+1 babie
that mouning the swallows and martins were very low in the pouring rain and came super got so tired and wet it landed on a tree.
and a random baby mallard pic

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