Monday, 18 May 2009

my nans again

i dont really like spending much time regular readers will know i had a glaucous gull over here earlier in the i was out watching the hirudines flying around and there was quite a few.around a hundred birds were flying up there.nothin unusual was up there to start with but at 5:35pm i saw a roptor aproaching from the flew directly up the road towards habberly valley but remained flying attacking the swifts and martins for around 5 took a swallow and flew off towards habberly valley and i managed a few crap images
as soon as i saw it i ran in to tell my dad.he saw the bird and got his best ever views.i got the news out then.
spurred on by this discovery(a new garden bird) i watched on in case it flew dad went back into the house.
then not 3 minuites after the hobby i saw a long tailed bird(well kinda) flying over a house a few houses down.but it was in the emerged at the other side and tilted its wing showing white wing patches then it tilted its whole body and showed a forked tail.
jesus god.
its a red kite.
i took the decision to get my dad to see it as 2 observers are better than one.i ran in,grabbed him and yanked him outside.he got onto the bird and we watched it flying back towards wassel wood(where it flew in from).it flew over the house and was lost to view.i ran to the front on the roadside.and we watched it fly around.then it hit a thermal and flew towards trimply.i have a lot to thank red kite is THE BIRD that got me interested in birds while in wales in 2004 when one nearly flew into my grandads car chasing a magpie.
im going to wales next week and will be seeing red kites and most of the stuff mentioned at stackpole head(see a few posts ago),does anybody know any good birding spots on the mainland of pembrokeshire as i dont know many(i know stackpole,marlous and the ofshore islands).
does anybody know where the dartford warblers are in pembroke or a good place to look for little egrets(i am vary bad at catching up with them)
if anybody knows any of the answers to these questions please leave a post.
it will be much apreciated.

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