Tuesday, 5 May 2009


i have noticed over the last few weeks that there have been a few blackcap knocking about around lickhill and decided to have a thourough count of them from blackstone-moorhall marsh(my local patch to non readers)i was amazaed at how many the final count showed were around.
the highest density was at the lake near blackstone at the north end in the gorge.here i counted no less that 8 singing male(all at one time)
the next highest density was 4 in moorhall wood(previously known as blackcap wood) but these were less showy than ther blackstone ones.the other 4 i saw were pairs in the wood behind the lake at lickhill caravan site and in the wood on the right of the entrance road.
not much else to report but had the 2 regulary returning common whitethroats halfway up the river at the skylark fields(which i counted 5 of) and the pair of red legged partridge that have been resident on lickhill farm for months(in fields that cant be viewed from normal paths,only venturing further afield occasionaly)the patch produced another tick last sunday in the form of a wader.also visited thw wyre forest that day.ive got a bit to catch up on.

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