Sunday, 17 May 2009

mega on the patch

highlight of the day
only the second ive seen.
i first heard it at around 9:30am while watching garden warblers along river.but it did not show till about 10am.was seen very well at times but as the day got on as more rafts,boats,dog walkers and the like got out, the waryer the bird got and was last seen at 11:30am(by my dad),i showed the bird to a few interested people walking along the riverthis bird is certinaly a year tick and a first for the site(but a few were claimed to sing from the same area in 2007 by a camper)i got the news out as soon as possible and was in the evening joined by geoff laight(nice to meet a local birder)
highlights were:
1 nightingale
3 sedge warblers
6 garden warblers
2 blackcap
20c sand martin
6 swift
29 canada geese(11 babies)
1 siskin
2 goldfinch
1 common whitethroat
1 lesser whitethroat
i did have the best ever pics i have ever got on my camera but i acsidently deleted them,soz


Reg The Birder said...

Best ever pictures? Accidentally deleted? I really don't know what to say!

midlands birder said...

you can ask geoff laight or my dad(geoff didnt see them but i talked about them)my dad saw them though.i cant belive i deleted the pics of the kestel,well my bad

midlands birder said...

if your wondering it wasent the nightingale i got the pics of it was a kestrel and the sedge warblers

Billy said...

I do that sometimes- I clear the memory card thinking all photos on it are old when actually a lot of them are new!!
Well done with the Nightingale and Sanderlings


Reg The Birder said...

Thank heavens for that! I thought you'd deleted some pics of the nightingale. That would have been very unfortunate.

Did Geoff have any luck relocating the nightingale?

midlands birder said...

nah no sign of it after 11:30 wasent seen again,bit of a shame really,i mean a lot af dog walkers saw it but a local birder didnt,now i can tell him if i get anything on the patch.