Wednesday, 11 March 2009


why are birders so conspicous?.since monday i havent seen one birder looking for the waxies that i found(oh yes) not one.but tody it changed,the day i reported the waxies as not being there a birder could see him from a mile off. standing on the street corner near the garages,bins in hand,scruitanizing every starling he saw.but he was in exacly the right place,looking in the right direction.just a day too late.i actually feel a bit sorry for him.still being around as the kids get out.i bet he had someone give a sarky comment to him.but i do hope he found the hasent been reported on any news website.but you know.i give him luck.keep at it.and forget the stupid school kids comments.the last few days have tought me a lesson.always keep an eye out.even in the most unexpected of places.around the gornal area i have found very little but when something good appears its big.ive found a y l gull at the school(as i was lining up for pe) a crossbill in the wood,the amazing yellow browed warbler(the only lifer gornal has given me,but wrens nest is closer to dudley)a few flyover penegrines and a lone migrating hobby.for a deep urban area i dont think this is a bad list.but they come few and far between so when the ops do come i say take them.enjoy them.thats what birdings about right.

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