Monday, 9 March 2009

de ja view

while reading the post by martyn yapp about the magnificent frigatebird proberbly flying over trimply res.if this is true that means it would have flew over lickhill too.what a patch bird that would be.but like most birds it proberbly flew back to america to get around lickhill. and by the way welcome back martyn.glad we gat you back in the blogstraphere(sorry kay)

the local patch was dead today.but the feeders in our garden were brimming.siskin one point i counted 22,yes 22 on 2 seed feeders.a coal tit(there coming less frequently now)stayed for 78 secs on the penuts.i hope it doesent think i cant id him so he sticks around for a a peak count of 5 goldfinch.also seen was a pair of chaffinch, 2 song thrush and 2 blue tit amongst others but the highlight of the weekend was a lesserpoll (adult male with full red breast) that gave point blank views on the patio.its amazing how good these birds look when you look at this point i thought it as bird of the month(well its the first ive seen in my garden) yeah f******g right.skip to 8/03/09

just as the school(im in lower gornal dudley west mids now) ended i left my mate (the birdy one) and put my earphones in and started listning to songs.when i got to 'jumping all over the world' i started hearing the purring of waxwings at the kennerdy cresant, thornleigh jounction.i actuatly thought that the ringtone on my phone of waxies calling was playing but when i looked at the screen it said the above song was my heart started pumping if it wasent on my phone then.........

jesus christ. there here..

i took my headphones out and there it was the purring of waxwings.then i saw them in the top of tree by the garages presumably on cedar wood road and in the gardens in betwen the 2 sides of kennedy cresant.jesus . there were at least 10 birds in that tree but i couldent confirm them as waxies yet.they looked smaller than only one of my mates knows im a birder i couldent stop and watch them.(this only happens because i dont want to be bullied about it,yeah thats what schools like now,and i dont want to go all the way to the bottom of the 'cool' list which if have been building up over the past 3 years)i got to upper gornal park and phoned brian strech(yes phoned)then i phoned my birdy friend i left 5 mins earlier(the waxies would be a lifer for him)but he didnt pick up.thats so typicle of him.after 5 more tries i gave up.i got to my house, grabbed my bins and ran back.(its amazing how far i ran without getting tired)

kerching. there still calling.then 3 birds popped up from a garden and revealed there white underwings and orange undertail. as they passed over my head calling.i couldent believe it.i have found my favorite bird so soon after my first sighting in january.(i know they werent there this mourning as i walked past the same spot which means they arrived between 8:30-3:30)because i only confirmed 3 thats how many i decided to put the news out as.but there were more calling in surrounding landed on a bush with yellow berries(quite a few berries so they might come back,fingers crossed if they do ill txt it out on birdguides and pass on the news to a few fellow birders if they are there check at around 9am as thats after i get in school) after nailing these few i decided to run to my friends house to get him to see them.after 5 mins we were back on site with andy almost kicking himself that he didnt walk with me today therfore missing a lifer.we scanned high and low.crap crap crap.there not i was angry that i left the birds and they flew away.we walked the streets for over an hour with no sign(for all those dirty minded people out there we wernt doing what you think we was) now we gave up and told brian strech the bad news(yes i know hes the worcester recorder but its not like i know anyone from the west mids area to give the news to i dont even know the west mids recorders name!! shock,horror) i got home and put the news on birdguides and then wrote this.then i got a phone call from my friend that hed just relocated the waxies flying towards my house. i asked him was he sure to check he wasent stringing it from a starling. i questioned him on the id but all seemed to be in order apart that he reported 5 birds and thanked him and watched out the window. after i watched for 15 mins i got bored and stopped looking.god i cant believe today,its great.although it doesent apeal as much as in january as i only saw these birds brifly.but what the hell.there waxies.
what birds mega stunning


Kay said...

Hi Midlands Birder,

Kevin Clements is West Mids recorder, his contact details:
26 Hambrook Close, Dunstall Park, Wolverhampton WV6 0XA
01902 568997

Although perhaps Brian Stretch was able to pass the news on?

A most entertaining read :)


midlands birder said...

hi kay
thanks for the comes in i have this info i can send him an email about the waxies.
again thanks for the info and good luck for your trip to scotland.hope you get some good birds.
midlands birder