Tuesday, 10 March 2009

there back

same place as yesterday.but not in the same trees.the confirmed waxwing count has risen to 5 birds. just imagine my relief when i again heard them purring again from the same area. i located the flock quickly and counted them.then text the news to brian stretch that they were again presant so he could put the news on his incredable 'birding today' website and to anybody thats interested i would recomed it anyday.no advert intended.you can send my check through the post brian but i do prefer cash.joke.please dont take that the wrong way im just trying to liven up the post,to practice for my GCSEs that im now doing in english,which is using computers.i can imagine what all people of a 'certain age ' will be saying.'in our day we had to use a quills,ink and slate to write on, now you use a whats it called, oh yes,a keypad,its so easy for you nowadays, how things have changed' i realy can imagine my nan saying that. i could only text the news to birdguides in between 1st and 2nd lesson so sorry for putting the news out late.have you noticed the similarity between the number of birds my fried saw yesterday and how many i saw this mouning. maby they thought theyd stay and eat more before they go back to the icy detpths of there scandinavian breeding grounds. thats a bit like me always think about my stomoch before anything else.as these waxies arnt very showy i think if anybodys interested the best places to look would be cedar wood road or in the ellowes wood where as my friend informs me there is a mysticle area that holds loads of berries. (by the way there are still a few berries on kennerdy cresant).but i dont know where that is.the waxies were last heard in my lunch break at 12:55 when they called from in the wood.so if anybody dares to venture into this snakepit to look for the waxies.good luck,thats if you survive

yes in my world there is a never ending suply of waxie pictures


Reg The Birder said...

Well done on the Waxies and good luck with the English GCSE.

midlands birder said...

thanks 4 the coment.ive now done 2/4 GCSEs that i need to do.so thanks for the luck