Thursday, 4 December 2008

lesser spotted woodpecker details

a few days a ago i got a comment about my l s woodpecker at sheepwash and it said it was the first 4 the reserve and was asked 2 write about the details of this is just 4 u martyn:
it was found neer the bridge opposite the fishing lake(on the road from the main entrence) i saw it first when i accidentally flushed it from a tit flock by the river. in flight it had rounded and braud wings and was like a typical undulating flight of a woodpecker but was more fluttery( almost moth like).there was barring on its back that streached all the way 2 its primarys where they curved towards the front of the gave a short+sharp 'kick' call .it had a small and weak was about the size of a sparrow. it landed next 2 the wooden sign and i noted it as being an adult had a red cap and 'dirty' cheaks.there was also slight barring on the flanks and no red undertail coverts. i then watched it for a bit and left for home. if any more detail is needed email me at
midlands birder

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