Thursday, 18 December 2008


yes! finaly! the christmas holliday, should have some birding stories in a few weeks. i so want 2 catch up with some local waxwings this year(they need 2 get on2 my life list. theres 27 on the other side of B-ham at 2 locations as i right this so my chanses look good) hoping 2 get 2 sheepwash next week(only thing that week) and the next week almost deffinetly(spelt wrong but i got an excuse i live in dudley) upton warren and my local patch. wait a minuite. i havent ever mentioned my local patch.well i better explain it. its a(im getting ready 4 the mocking) caravan site in stourport. what can u blame me its its the closest area of green areas near me. it is acctuatly quite good.ive seen over a hundred species comprises of 2 lakes a douzen small blocks of woodland(some deciduous some coniferous) loads of fields(some wet and flooded) a farm, wet woodland(now a nature reserve) and the river severn(which is why a lot of species there).note: im also the only birder to bird here and i get very lonly and yet another reason to visit a well known birding spot.e.g. upton warren

right so what to do this holliday: find waxies,explore,and a whole lotta persuaiding.

p.s.theres a lot of writing here so ill put in some random birdy pictures. happy christmas to the world

p.s.s theres a red brested goose at holt prarie in worcester an i might go for that itll be a lifer

fitting picture the holt birds in a canada flock 2


Kay said...

Hi Midlands Birder, nice to see another midlands birding blog, keep it up.

That Red Breasted Goose was unfortunately confirmed as an escape.

Hope you find your Waxys :)

midlands birder said...

hi kay
i found out about the red brested goose as an escape but it would help 4 me to recognise the jizz of it 4 the future. and about the waxies i went for 2 that were reported in kiddiminster they wernt there but theres more on the way surely