Monday, 24 November 2008

sheepwash urban park

visited the park for the second time today.there was some quality finds for an urban area.the best was an amazing 20 goosander(a great total for a small park lake)which gave brilliant views down to a couple of metres.there were 48 lapwings on the working pool in dudley port as well as a gull flock containing about 300-400 birds(including 5 g b b gulls).there was also a lesser spotted woodpecker that gave a brief view(this is my first for a few years)
the full list is:
little grebe-5 g c grebe-3 cormorant-2 grey heron-8 mute swan-9 canada goose mallard pochard-13 tufted duck-6 goosander-20 moorhen-5 coot lapwings-48 b h gull common gull-2 herring gull-15 l b b gull g b b gull-5 woodpigeon collered dove-1 kingfisher-1 green wood l s woodpecker-1 pied wagtail-1 wren-1 robin-3 blackbird-6 great tit-4 blue tit l t tit magpie carrian crow-3 h sparrow-20+ chaffinch-2 goldinch-20+ greenfinch-1
i did hear a g s woodpecker which if seen would have completed the list of common british woodpeckers in a day


Martyn Yapp said...


Can you give the details on the Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, this is a first for the reserve. Where did you see it, did it call etc etc

midlands birder said...

if you have an email address please could you send it to and i will reply with the details of the woody
midlands birder