Tuesday, 11 November 2008

on the tail of a shorelark

i visited upton warren flashes today to see if the shorelark was still there after its week stay.it was reported as presant . guess what. it wasent.it wasent there all day. the only bird of note was a jack snipe. i cant be bothered to write all the species seen. im that anoyed.this would be my first ever(i need 2 have a visit to tichwell in norfolk ill get a few new species there)i hate dipping birds that i can so easily see. this autum alone i have missed red backed shrike, grey phalarobe,shorelark and that is only a few. great isnt it. i love midlands birding(sometimes)
i did visit the moors pool today it was covered in birds including a massive number of coots.note i didnt see everything as it was dark and the remaining light shone into the hide putting the birds in silouette.
a week later i have found out why it had gone, a sparrowhalk flushed it the day before.

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