Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Sheepwash Mega!

With news of a made rare duck at Sheepwash emerging, I just had to rush off over there!

After 2 buses, and a brisk walk down to the main pool, it was within a single quick scan that i managed to pick up the female type GOLDENEYE as it swam, and dived along the far bank of the pool. After some time, the bird moved slightly closer to the raised path, and I managed some nice views of this new bird for me at the 'wash'.

As it moved closer, I noticed the bird lacked a pale patch on the bill, presumably indicating a 1st winter, or juvenile male bird. As it flapped it also seemed to have more white on the upperwing than i would expect for a female, and therefore I am inclined to the latter suggestion

A flock of 4 female Goosander were still hanging on, but being very elusive, hiding behind the islands for long periods.

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