Monday, 30 June 2014


Right, this blog is far too far behind to hope for a recovery of every days birding since late April.
It is due to this I have taken a decision to omit some of the 'less interesting' days and instead focus on the more bird filled trips, at least until I am much more up to date.
That doesn't mean I haven't been doing the usual patch slogging, or traipsing around local area's, just I don't have enough time, or for that matter willingness to recount every birdless day. Some of the more acute of you may have noticed I have already been omitting certain days out, and readers of my Facebook or Twitter may be aware of these days, but rather than dwelling on those and wasting some of the little enthusiasm I have to write currently, focusing on certain days (which there are still many of may I add) will be time much better spent.
Bear with me folks!

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