Saturday, 22 June 2013

Unexpected wader migration at Upton Warren!

Walking into the hide at Upton Warren was rewarded immediately as a flock of 5 RINGED PLOVER were feeding on the waters edge, apparently having only just dropped in a few minutes previously. After only 10 or so minutes the flock of 5 took to the air and flew off north, Vis-mig in action!

However, the real reason for me dropping in was to get my 'fix' of one of my favorite Gulls, a stunning 2nd summer MEDITERRANEAN GULL, which was showing fairly well the entire visit, strutting its stuff around one of the main islands. As always with these early summer Meds, it was very aggressive towards the breeding BHG, and as you will see in the video's, it spent much of its time displaying and calling loudly to any  of its Black-headed companions that got too close!

In my mind, Med Gulls are one of the most stunning of the Gulls, with that stunning blood red bill, jet black hood and clown 'eyelids'. The particular attraction with 2nd summers being the alternating black and white pattern on the primarys. This particular bird had little black in the pattern, giving a very adult like look, particularly in flight.

A stunning bird right!
Just wait until the fresh autumn juveniles start appearing in your local roosts, those are equally stunning!


Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB , love the Med Gull pics , one of my fav Gulls .
Cheers Rob

midlands birder said...

Cheers Rob, they're one of my favourite gulls too