Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Birding in my 'secret' woodland spot.

Ahh, the first day of may, and a nice day it was too! So an afternoon visit to my 'secret site' following my lesson was in order. Following the usual route i walked past the Tawney Tree, to find that as usual, he was perched up on top, giving nice views in the sunshine. Moving on, i quickly found my first Lesser Whitethroat of the year on the hill tops, getting brief views of it as it moved along the gorse. Dropping back down to the LSW area i then spent the next 2 hours stood in one spot as the LesserPecker was calling, but refusing to show. A brief bout of drumming confirmed that the bird was the male, and after a considerable amount of time, i got a brief flight view as it flew from the dense trees to the other area of dense trees on the opposite side of the track.
The male Pied Flycatcher was still singing in his spot, and showing nicely!

Visiting the woodland again failed to produce any new birds, however, had stunning views of the Pied Flycatcher, much less mobile than usual!



euthymic said...

Sorry there weren't too many birds for you today, but the Pied Flycatcher is awfully pretty:)

midlands birder said...

It's one of the joys of birding, sometimes you get very little others you get loads, that's what keeps it interesting!