Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sheepwash has Ducks!

Sheepwash has been doing fairly well for ducks recently, and that only continued today! The Goosander flock was up to its 'normal' winter heights, with a stunning 34 birds on both the Pumphouse and Johns lane fishing pools. In the flock was 15 stunning drakes. I cant say for others, but Goosanders must be some of the most stunning Ducks we have in the country, and to see large numbers on what can only be described as an urban pond is just amazing.
Here is just a small number of the flock: (Note the Shoveler's photo-bombing the flock)

Additionally, the Shoveler flock was still present, and today i counted 7 birds, most of which were still feeding in the NW corner. A flock of 44 Pochard was plastered around the 'Dunlin' Island and were giving awesome views. On both the Fishing Pool and Pumphouse pool a total of 15 Tufted Duck were showing, which is a slight increase to late.
Moving onto the opposite side of the canel, a flock of 30c Chaffinch was showing in trees adjacent to the mound, however there weren't any Bramblings among them. Actually atop the mound, the flock of 40c Linnet was still showing, but once again i failed to locate any Twite or Snow Buntings among them.
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