Tuesday, 12 March 2013

More Gull failing

Saturday afternoon is one of the worst days for Gull watching, but just on the off chance we decided to have a drop into Wildmoor Landfill in the hope that the Iceland Gull may be around. To cut a long story short it wasnt. A few Pied Wagtail were on the tip faces but there was not a single Gull at all. I was however greeted by this beautiful sight:

Moving on to Upton Warren in the hope of seeing a Jack Snipe we moved to the East hide, where only 5 Snipe were showing. 2 Oystercatcher were on the Islands, which were my first inland birds this year. A single Water Rail was showing to the left of the hide still and a Curlew was also showing on the waters edge.

We moved onward to the West hide in the hope of picking up a Bittern, We waited around for some time, but the bird failed to show. But that was more than compensated for when a ghostly BARN OWL drifted across the reeds at the north end of the pool. We were treated to decent views as the bird hunted the reedbeds around the causeway. We were treated to decent views as it gently flapped it's way around the north moors before after about 10 or so minutes fly off north to the fields, a stunning way to end the day.

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