Monday, 12 November 2012


 With the continued presence of the adult male OSPREY at upton, i just couldnt resist another viewing. I mean, how often do you get Ospreys in the Midlands showing like this!

 The bird was fairly predictable in its movements, usually flying to the Sailing Pool just after the turn of the hour, and would return a minuite or so after with a fish! This bird was one seriously good fisher!
After catching, and consuming its fishy snack (Every time a Roach while i was there), it then dropped down into the shallows to the 2nd flash, and proceded to have a brief wash down, dipping its head into the water to wash the slime off its bill and talons.
Watching it really gave an impression of a truily magnificant, awesome looking bird. Just look at it! I must say though, it was quite odd to see a raptor wading in the shallow water. Im just so acustomed to seeing them soaring high in the sky!

Having flown out again for another fishing session, i trained my scope on the birds favoured perch, and waited the short time untill it flew back towards us, low across the northen fields.
Swooping down on the perch it was obvious that the bird once again had been successful, and we were treated to another showing of how great nature is, as the Osprey first pulled off the Roaches head, before tucking in.

 The bird spent a good 30 seconds flapping wildly to regain its ballence with the fish.

Before going in....
And tugging at the head...

And then follows the 'raw' aspects of nature.

Another flap and the Osprey congradulated its self on another good catch!

The eclipe male Pintail was also still in attendence on the flashes. 8 Green Sandpipers and 4 migrant Snipe were also showing. Also a 'new in' juvenile- 1st winter Dunlin was showing with the Lapwing flock.
A adult Water Rail made a brief appearence in its usual patch of reeds, and a pair of Raven 'cronked' over.


Rob Stokes said...

Hi MB , excellent photos and vids of the Osprey which are amazing birds to see . Cheers Rob

midlands birder said...

Cheers Rob, Ospreys are awesome!