Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Fens Pool- Day 2

The 'Gornal birder' had taken the terrible decision to not join me to come and see the BNG the day before, so we decided that another visit to the 'Fen's' was in order to see if it was still about, and a full day with no reports left him in bad spirits (I on the other hand was feeling great, dropping a gripping comment ever few minuites, and occasionally showing him my photos.
We walked down towards the pools, and on the way down, we were treated to great views of an adult HOBBY which was hawking dragonflies over the woodland and hawthorns. Upon dropping down behind the trees, we walked onwards, and we quickly came to the conclusion that GB was in for the inevitable dip! (Hahaha)
There was no sign of the Grebe in the area it was in, and it was also obvious that it wasnt on the pool, and this was backed up by another birder, who said that there had been no sign all day!
Again though, we were treated to great views of the HOBBY as it again hawked, this time showing for a long period.
The small Teal 'flock' had increased from 2 birds to 3 overnight (Migration!).
On the raised path above the Fens Pool, we came across this Mouse Sp, which remained motionless while we took photos from only a few feet away, it was only when a dog walker came past that the Mouse skuttled off into the grass.

And here it was when it was sitting in the grass, looking abit more healthy than it did when sitting in the middle of the path.

We then 'covered' the 2 other pools, not getting much reward, however, a Garden Warbler was showing in the scrub between Grove, and Middle Pool.

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