Monday, 11 July 2011

Patch Gold- Again

With the patch having some birds, i have got into a routine of visiting the patch on friday evenings.
Starting by walking down from Blackstone to Lickhill.
There was lots of Activity around 'the Willows' at Blackstone with the family party of Garden warbler still, and 3 Treecreeper, However having spent over an hour in one spot i failed to find anything more.
But while walking down the river i found an eclipse Drk Mandarin, an a female Mandarin swimming about on the river, i just thought it could be the pair that bred at Blackstone with them staying in the area after their failed breeding attempt.
A Little owl flushed from a riverside tree, at the riverside fields, and it was a great relief to see that the female Mandarin with the 3 Chicks still had all 3 Chicks

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