Monday, 4 July 2011

LSW Revisited.

I just Couldnt resist it, Knowing where a pair of Lsw were, i just had to go back for more.
On entering the Woodland i checked what i presume to be the Lsw Favorite tree, as i have seen the female Pecking away an this tree 3 times., I watched her for some time, and showed a couple of walker by people who were interested about the 'Rare Woodpecker's'.
I still couldnt believe my Luck when i saw these birds again, what Birds.
The bird flew off into a Small wooded area and i walked into the clearing with the feeders, there wasnt any LSW there so i continued on to check another area which has been favored, i did get a couple of brief views, so walked back around the the cleering and waited silently,
Untill my target flew in and dropped dowm onto the Feeders.
When you see a bird in comparison to a fat Ball you realise truily how tiny they are,
Tidgy little Woodpeckers, I took a Video and a single Photo before the bird flew back into the tree's, and i decided to head back.

A check of the patch revealed a Nuthatch which shown well, as well as a few Gs Woodpeckers.

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