Monday, 20 June 2011

Patch- A First

I just couldnt leave the patch alone.
I was dropped off at Blackstone and when walking below the bridge, i was amazed to see 3 GOOSANDER sitting on the rocks ( 1 DRK), a single Garden warbler was still around the willows, and there was a couple of Nuthatch, I contiuned downriver scanning the opposite river bank as i went, and after nearly a month, a senorio i had expected had taken place,
A female MANDARIN escorting a party of 11 Little fluffy baby mandarins, the first site breeding. i was extremly happy that my hunch had been right and that breeding would take place, i left the family alone after getting comfirmation on the number of chicks and i quickly latched onto a singing Cuckoo on the opposite side of the river in ribblesford wood, a Kingfisher flew past and there were many Whitethroat juv's around.

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