Wednesday, 15 June 2011

After visiting Earlswood and seeing the Drk Mandarin again, along with 15+ Common tern we decided to head off to nearby Bittel Res where a Black necked Grebe had been found.
We pulled into the Parking spot and walked to the cway of Lower Bittel,
Matt from the Earlswood Blog was already there and watching the almost summer plumaged BLACK NECKED GREBE quite close in, however the sun was always behind it. we watched the bird for some time, swimming, preening and diving with the Tufted ducks, but we didnt want to stay too long due to the Cway being a road with people driving past, so after we had our fill of this new bird, we left for the car, and upton warren.


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midlands birder said...

Forget the Dunlin Video as the last one, it was ment to be the BNG, i just chose the wrong one..
and i am unable to edit my posts..