Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some Good Birds

Upton Warren
A 2nd summer Med gull had been on-off visiting upton for almost a month or so, and after missing it for something like 2-3 weeks in a row, i had high hopes when the bird was beginning to be seen more regularly at the Moors pool, So we dropped straight into there.
A quick check in the Log reported that the bird had not been seen, however a Drk GOLDENEYE was on the pool, It didnt take much finding diving around in the water between the islands and the Hide, Giving quite nice views, a little far off for photos etc, But when did that ever stop me :

(Drk Goldeneye)
However, there was little else around, a Gorgeous male Great-spotted woodpecker posed on a suet feeder,

(Male G-S Woodpecker)

i took a few snaps and videos then went back to scanning the assembled Gulls on the islands.


A gorgeous Practically full summer plumaged, 2nd summer MEDITERRANEAN GULL standing on the edge of the island, The bird took a quick bath, then proceeded to chase the BHG in a typical Med fashion. after about 20 mins the bird took flight, did a couple of circled of the pool, then flew south.
A Bullfinch was glowing in the sun:

Then it was to the Flashes, where, after some scanning we found the Med had not relocated too as i had thought, However the flock of 9 Avocet and 4 Oyc kept me entertained untill the magic moment where the Med dropped in for the night, Showing closer than at the moors, But the light was shot, so this was all i could manage.


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