Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Patch- Brambling Update...


With the Bramblings now being settled into their woodland setting, and after quite a few weeks i was still failing to get any decent pictures, so with careful consideration i positioned myself on a very dusty slope for around 3 hours overlooking the area of Hawthorns the birds frequent.

However, it quickly because evident that the birds were feeding in the middle of the bush and not on the top as i had hoped, but i waited, and i waited, and waited, untill finally a bird briefly popped up on top of the bush, then i couldnt get the scope on the bird because it was too close, eventually though, i found a stunning male BRAMBLING sitting on top of the bush behind a few tree branches, i snapped away and got a few, what i find as, Decent shots:

I had finally got a picture i was proud to put on the blog. This bird eventually dropped back down into the bush after its preen, and no other bird popped out long enough to get a photo,

A great spot kept me company while i was waiting though, and 3 Buzzard kept flying very low ( maybe about 10 ft) above my head unawares to where i was.

The Finch's remained:

8 Lesser Redpoll

60c Siskin

20 Goldfinch

10 Chaffinch

In the Garden we were given a supprise when a female Brambling dropped in, However i quickly noticed that the bird didnt have a ring, so this must be a new visiting female, the plumage gave no clue to any difference so another triunph for ringing..

The ringed Female also Dropped in later in the day to show she was still around.



Rob.S. said...

Hi MB , it just shows if you put the time in you get the rewards , smart pics and vid well done mate

midlands birder said...

Cheers Rob, you do get rewards if you put the time in, and expesially when you have other thing to be doing,