Friday, 21 January 2011

Waxwing, take 2

Upton warren
A planned visit to the warren for the bittern, but as no news had came out about any birds at upton we decided to drop into webbs to check the berry bushes there.
we saw a few photographers and birders lineing the street next to the bushes and usually only means one thing.
and my hunch had been right!!!!!

3 WAXWING feeding on the sorbus trees adjoining the entrence.

i wont turn this post into a photographers slagging post but lets just say, a couple of them tried to shove their lenses up their arse, litterally getting within a metre of the tree the waxwings were in.

as the light was starting to drop, i didnt take many photos and just watched, but after 30-40 mins the birds flew into nearby trees and i took a video of a stunning adult bird, check out those primarys!!!!!

after seeing the birds being chased around across the field (ish thing) (more like a lawn) i left for the moors, where it was rather quiet, a GOOSANDER ( female) flew off as we was walking up the path, and a flock of 12 Curlew were on the islands

A 1st winter COMMON GULL dropped in briefly:

after checking the moors we decided to have another look in webbs, but parked in the SP car paark this time, and the 3 waxwings immidiatly flew over our heads trilling and into the villiage.

a monster of a PEREGRINE flew over, and this landed on the mast, and was joined by a 2nd bird.

the Bittern didnt show in the end



Jason K said...

I completely agree with your views regarding the behaviour of some photographers.

I dont wish to tar them all with the same brush as some that I know are responsible butthere is definately a growing number who are so obsessed with getting 'the shot' will get too close to the subject regardless of there 500mm plus some cases birds can be quite approachable eg. Waxwings but how about the other birds that have been flushed never to be seen again because some prat with a camera has got too close. There is no thought for the bird who may be busy feeding or the fellow birder who turns up after to find that the bird had be flushed away never to be seen again!

midlands birder said...

Jase, i dont want to reply to this because of the responce it had on birdfourum :P lol
twas quite funny :)