Thursday, 13 January 2011

2nd showing

Blackstone- Bewdley
i couldnt resist another peak at the smew, a bird this good on the patch and im willing to make the most of it!!!
well what can i say, a gorgeous bird posed gorgeously, at times down to about 5 metres, what a bloody great bird!!!

(A 2nd Win SMEW)

i spent a couple of hours here in the end, because the was some amazing birds that i may never see on the patch again.
there were 5 Drk GOLDENEYE moving up and down the river, and between bewdley town and blackstone there was 14 TUFTED DUCK ( a record count), another record count of 7 LITTLE GREBE also, a grey wagtail perched on roofs in bewdley town and an Ad COMMON GULL was sitting on the ice in bewdley town but flew around abit then flew north.

(Common Gull)
20c GOOSANDER were either on the unfrozen parts of the river or flying over, after checking the town centre for any anthya ducks (only tufties) we walked back downriver to blackstone as i had already pusshed time as i had to go out, but before we left we finally cought up with the 2 DIPPER on the river on the frozen ice at blackstone, and we had greay views, sitting out on the ice, diving into the fast flowing river, but eventually they flew off south below the road bridge.

what can i say, the patch has got me in its hold once again!!!!!!!

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