Tuesday, 10 August 2010



ok, not really RARE birds, but nice to see birds

while on my way to redditch, just south of chaddersly woods, a RED KITE soared over the road, my 2nd worcester bird in 2 weeks, ( not the same as upton bird), as it flew towards upton, i found it sufficiently noteworthy to inform the guys to look up.

i got a txt in reply which read that an amazing flock of 5 BLACKWITS was at the moors pool.

At Arrow valley country park, a single common tern was fishing, reed warblers sung, but allas not much else.

while this was happening another txt popped up reading garganey at the flashes.

so after a couple of hours, my dad picked me up and on the way we were to upton warren moors.

we entered the east hide and very quickly located te 5 BLACK TAILED GODWITS, all in stunning summer plumage, as i didnt have my camera, i just watched the birds, but Dave walker has kindly donated some shots of one of the birds,

Photo- Dave walker

now we headed to the flashes for the garganey, on entering the hide i got a shock when i was told there was infact 2 birds presant, WOW,

ok not a stunning spring pair like last year, but still a bird which make you happy every time you see one, our only summer migrant duck.

Photo- Dave waker

the drake (above) flashes his wing once revealing his blue forewing.

the 1st summer BLACK TAILED GODWIT was still at the flashes also.....

birds of note were:

4 Teal ( 1 DRK)
2 GARGANEY (pair)

1 Hobby (moors pool)

2 Oystercatcher

7+ LRP

6 Green Sandpiper

2 Common Sandpiper

2 Redshank


18 Curlew


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