Tuesday, 10 August 2010

A nice evening at the Warren

a very pleasent few hours at the warren tonight.

a flock of LITTLE EGRETS had taken over the moors, and we had to take a look,

there was 3 egrets around the pool, 1 on the braudmeadow pool, 1 in the SW marsh, and one at the north end of the pool perched in a dead tree, there was also 3 teal swimming among the islands
a kingfisher perched on a dead branch in front of the hide:

and a fox caused havoc on the islands :

On the south shore of the sailing pool 8 greylag geese were swimming.

we had been in the main hide for only a minuite or 2 when we were joined by john belsey, who was quite pleased with himslef after twitching the WTL at slimebridge. we had a quick look in the log and found out a few nice waders were down,
A new adult summer BLACK TAILED GODWIT had replaced the 1st sum bird and was showing well, there was a large number of 17 green sandpipers spread around the flash,
a bit of scanning and i picked up the flock of 5 REDSHANK, the bigest flock i have witnessed on upton soil, and with this flock of redshank was its green legged cousin, a GREENSHANK, looking very beautiful in summer clothes:

just a shame i didnt get a photo to match.

The black tailed godwit was chased by a lapwing.
2 of the LITTLE EGRETS from the moors dropped onto the 2nd flash to have a quick fedd before moveing onto the 3rd flash

highlights ;
8 Greylag geese
3 Teal ( 2 DRK)
9 !!! Grey Heron
1 Oystercatcher
64 Lapwing
17 Green Sandpiper
24 Curlew
6 Common Tern
1 Skylark
1 Blackcap

a very nice night i think


Rob said...

Hi MB , really like the Kingfisher video , and a nice selection of waders seen at this site , good numbers of Green sandpipers too !!
atb Rob

midlands birder said...

hey Rob
i thought it was a nice selection of waders and then visited your blog, and just thought your flocks are unbelievable in your last few posts at oare marshes (any tufted puffin????? :-D)
but anyways gettin some Ruff's 2nite if they stick so its all good..........

Friend of HK said...

Love your blog and those beautiful birds!