Monday, 24 May 2010


did the southern area of the patch today from lickhill, i was amazed to see that the gadwall had been reoppened to the public and was now a nature reserve(of that sort of type, but not propper nature reserve), as expected the gadwall had left, but it had been repalced by a pair of REED BUNTING, the male showing well at the edge of the reeds, 5 reed warbler were singing in the surrounding reeds with 3 sedges seen( but none heard singing).

i continued my journey and at lincomb lock the common terns were still there but there was also another pair, which were quickly ousted out by the other pair of terns. 2 LBBG still loafting around on the boyds.

and as a general question to anybody around the country, has anybody also noticed the distinct lack of raptors about, expesially buzzard, which on the motorway to earlswood i usually see about 10 in summer but last saturday only one was seen the entire journey, any news from anywhere else??????????


Rob said...

Hi MB, now you come to mention it i must admit i have nt seen that many Buzzards of late , i drive a lorry around most of England and normally see loads :(

midlands birder said...

rob- so this could be a country-wide thing, i love raptors(and now you come to mention it most birds, just not mallards, they so piss me off(-:)
i hope there isnt less red kites, im hopeing to see many on my way to wales this weekend

Rob said...

lol , like your comment about mallards , as for Red kites they seem to be turning up everywhere at the moment , so good luck in wales hope you have a good time :)

midlands birder said...

Thks for the good luck rob......

now excuse me, i have a date with red kites in a few hours!!!!!!
(well if it stops bloody raining.......