Monday, 17 May 2010

How a great patch day can turn extremly sour in 20 mins!!!!!!!!


All was extremly quiet untill i reached stourport marina where the characteristic sound of common terns came out from above me, i looked up to see a pair of COMMON TERN flying north and start fishing in the marina, only the second record. spurred on i got to the paddocks where a pair of RED LEGGED PARTRIDGE were prancing about before dissapearing itno a hedge.

the common terns returned and landed on the boyds at lincomb lock and shown very well, and i started snapping away.

after about half hour with the terns i set of even further south looking for cuckoos.
then i recieved a text, cuckoo at lickhill, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, i just f*****g walked an hour to get here and now one turns up where i could have got to in 20 secs. i started back, and soon after another text popped up, long eared owl at the moors pool, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
omfg, now i had to get back(but even if i did my dad wouldent take me).
a powerwalk home had a DUNLIN fly upriver at stourport in the town centre!!!!!!! and land on the baisins, where despite searching it was never refoud.but nethertheless a patch tick, but one that didnt add to any enjoyment of the day, a common sandpiper also on the river just south of the town centre.
and again needless to say, the cuckoo neither the LEO was seen:-(

this left me at an all time low so far this year...........


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