Monday, 4 January 2010

short stop at upton warren

just a short visit to upton today
a check of the flashes had a scoped buzzard and a female bullfinch in the hedge.a bit of activity in the feeder hide, a few reed bunting,bullfinch and common feeder birds.

decided to walk through the ed reserve looking for a woodcock,allas non were seen but a small duck sp which we unintentionally flushed from a marshy ditch could possibly have proven to be a female mandarin, the view was only 2 secs and into the sun(it flushed into the sun) but was heard to give a call which i have heard from a female mandarin(at both trimply and dowles brook), but given that the record was nowhere near certain i am not counting it(not like i need it,apart from my upton list anyway), the duck was not seen again :(

a vey brief look at the moors produced 3 water rail along the path following the river,one of which started hideing in a bush, the west hide was jam packed so we left quickly, got the the car park and reallised the sun would be shining into the east hide so went into the north moors,a cettis was heard .

walking back to the car a kingfisher was on the river.

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