Wednesday, 20 January 2010




nothing much to talk about really but lickhill is startingt o flood again with the snow melt. some of the river had spilt over its banks and has now created a current free flood and on this flood was a GOOSANDER, a female goosander...

a further 3 were noted at blacklstone(2 drake) but they were quite far upriver, and with the paths being very treturus i didnt want to risk falling over with my scope, so i got my dad to pick me up from blackstone car park, the first time this ha ever happened...........



Gareth Ward said...

Hi MB. I live 5 mins walk from Hurcott and spent a couple of rather damp hours waiting for a view of the Bittern today 22/1/10 with no joy. Just wondered if you'd heard any news about it maybe moving elsewhere?

Thanks in advance. Gareth Ward (

midlands birder said...

hi gareth
i will email you regarding the bittern