Monday, 5 October 2009

site first!!!!!

3rd summer/winter YELLOW LEGGED GULL,a first for earlswood,just happened to land on the end of the field where i was watching with 9 herring,12 l b b and 106 black headed gulls.i was informed by matt at the earlswood blog that it was infact an area be honest i was confused by this,how can a area containing 3 large lakes not attracted at least 1 bird,but anyway i now have a area first to ny name so im good.i have got photos of the bird but there all very crap so i will not post them.i have been reading about the species in my 'helm,gull's' guide i have checked and have narrowed it down to this age group(3rd cal year)
upton warren,with not long again untill dusk(getting to that time of year) so as no news was coming out the flashes and i still want to log that bloody bittern,so the moors it was,i knew that a pintail was showing there anyway so even more of an incentive to go,went again to the west hide.nodody was in the hide so i tokk a look in the log book,up there in BIG letters was barnicle goose with pintail and 1 wigeon in smaller letters.i scanned the goose flock and in there was a barnicle goose.easy to spot with its small size compared to the canadians.i took a few videos in the gloom:

i then scanned where the snipe was last time and i located 3 wigeon,all in eclipse plumage,and with these was the female pintail,only the secod ive seen(well my first was a pair),3 water rail were calling and a snipe was giving good views to the right of the hide

3 cetti's warblers were singing and 1 shown briefly,highlights here were:

1 greylag

1 barnicle goose

1 gadwall

1 pintail

3 wigeon

3 water rail(h)

1 snipe

3 cetti's warbler.

and still no sign of that bloody bittern


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