Thursday, 29 October 2009

gulls quiz

GULLS,you either love them or hate them.
for the sceond try at a quiz i am going to use a harder subject.rather than a few tringa sandpipers,i am going the full way. here are 8 images of different gulls,all have been seen in the british iles.
just a a bit of caution on this side though-all photos are copyright to the owners,this blog has no rights to the pictures,i simply used them because they were the best i could find.if one of images are yours and you dont want them to feature on the quiz just give me a yell.
anyway here they are:
gull 1

gull 2:

gull 3:

gull 4:(front bird)
gull 5:
gull 6:
gull 7:
gull 8:

good luck everybody:)


PMella said...


Lee J said...

Glaucous winged
Yellow legged
Lesser BB
Slender billed

Billy said...

1- Common
2- Glaucous
3- Glaucous
4- Herring
5- LBB
6- Slender-billed
7- Ross's
8- Iceland

midlands birder said...

hey all,
nice to see 3 people tried,so you will all get onto the podium.
the first 2 gulls are the hardest,so the answers are:
gull 1- hegluin's gull
gull 2-thayer's gull
gull 3-glaucous-winged gull
gull 4-yellow legged
gull 5-LBBG
gull 6-slender billed
gull 7-ross's
gull 8-kumlian's
so with a grand total of 6/8 LEEJ wins and is crowned midlandsbirder no#1 gull expert.
2nd place goes to BILLY with 3/8
and the last place on the podium with 2/8 goes to PMella,3rd place is yours.
well done to everybady that tried

Billy said...

ahahaha! 2nd place, getttiinnn! ;)

Anonymous said...

Good quiz, but gull number 1 isn't a Heuglin's Gull. It was a possible reported at Dungeness in 2006. I remember seeing the photo (the one in your quiz) by Mike Buckland and went down to see it. The final conclusion was that the moult timing was wrong for Heuglin's and that it was probably just a weird Yellow-legged Gull.

There is yet to be a definite Heuglin's Gull recorded in Britain. "Yet."

Nice blog,


Anonymous said...

If you have access to Birdguides you see a bit more about the gull here:


midlands birder said...

what can i say.i was wrong.
glad you told me.
if it is a yellow legged then it is very 'weired'
even though this is not a hegluin's it still doesent affect the final standings of the quiz as nobody got the first one right.


Anonymous said...

Well, I actually got all 8 correct, even spotting the mistake! But seeing as I'm probably about 30 years older than you, it doesn't exactly count for much!

Keep up the good work. Us old duffers love seeing how much enthusiasm there is in these blogs that you and your age group are writing. The next generation of birding seems to be in safe hands.

All the best,


midlands birder said...

sorry but even if you got all 8 it still doesent count,you should have been here a week ago..

nice to know you 'old duffers' think so much of young birders,made me happy to read that.