Monday, 10 August 2009

who's the best sandpiper id

having had a recent lack of posting i have devided to catch up with myself and to start this posting surge with a quiz,about sandpipers.well wood sandpiper and green sandpiper.i will post 4 images and you can answer which are green and which are wood,simple,good luck!!!
(note all pics taken by me and so are crap quality)


Reg The Birder said...

2, 3 and 4 look like wood piper to me, but I did notice at least one green sandpiper today that had a reasonable eye-stripe.

midlands birder said...

you'll have to wait for the answers reg.i'll wait a few days and see if i get any more ideas.

Jonathan Scragg said...

Green, Green, Wood, Wood for me

midlands birder said...

1 more day untill the answers

Anonymous said...

Green, Wood, Green, Wood

midlands birder said...'s answer time.the true answers were green,wood,green,green,
this means that the anonomous comment was the closest with only 1 out,so whoever the anonomous comment was from please leave your name so you can collect your crown(just a figure of speech)