Wednesday, 12 August 2009

tern-fest day 2

it was back to sheepwash today(just go with it) to see if the dunlin,common sand,arctic terns or the huge flock of common terns were still around.out of these mentioned only the common tern flock remained with 17 birds and were still giving amazing views.,the usual bird were around when walking around to the island(now unofficailly called dunlin island in my book).a sedge warbler was singing in the reeds at the small fishing pool,but never shown(would be a lifer for my friend,one of his bogey birds).a male reed bunting shown in bushes next to the river for
a few the island we sat down and watched the terns flyng into the island and over the lake,after about 5 mins of watching a wader appeared from behind a bush,running very fast and without bins i thought it could have been 'our'dunlin.after getting onto the bird with my bins though it was an obvious plover,so ringed or little ringed,as my friend had only experience with ringed(and limited experiance with that),so he let me get down to my magic.after a worrying long time i said it was a juv little ringed plover,a lifer for my friend(and my 100th little ringed this year).but now as i write this,i dont believe it to be a juv,but a winter plumaged adult,anybody got comments on this it would be apriciated.but you cant blame me,its a plumage you dont often get to see in britain
apart from this and the terns it was quiet,compared to the last visit.a adult little grebe was feeding 1 young from the raised path and showing well but as usual they dive a lot
i know of 1 local place where you can get very close,prolonged views of little grebe and all you have to do is stand or sit there in plain view,no camo clothing just a t-shirt or whatever all you people wear.this place is the bag pool at baggeridge cp.and if you get bored with amazing views of the little can search the woods for the lesser spotted woodpecker which are there(ive seen 2 there).back to sheepwash.the mute swan family was still around and were being ery posey.
next katy price/jordan anyone??
higlights were:
4 little grebe(1 juv)
8 g c grebe(1 juv)
15c tufted duck(2 young)
1 bloody duck(this old boy cant find a mate,he's been around for ages)
1 LRP(site tick for me,lifer for andy)
17 common tern
1 k-fisher
2 blackcap
1 sedge warbler
reed warbler
1 jay
2 bullfinch
1 reed bunting
next post also from sheepwash but after that its back to normal :)


Anonymous said...

Yes the Lrp looks like a worn adult summer female. Females have pale brown ear coverts as opposed to the males black. The fact that it still retains a breast band and white line above the forehead patch and above the ear coverts.They usually moult on their african winter grounds
cheers john

midlands birder said...

thanks for this,i knew it was an LRP but was a bit confused by the plumage.i will now know what a worn summer female looks like.
thanks john