Monday, 23 February 2009

WATER PIPIT possibly

for all birders reading this i am seriosly sorry for not putting the news out about for any of the rare birds seen over the week 16th-21st internet had stopped workin so i couldent get the news out but i did txt the news out to people i know(more like 3 people).

visited grimly new workings today hoping for the chances were looking bad as it hadent been reported for almost a week. what we first saw was a shelduck(a female).at first i have to abmit i thought it was an egret.but on getting my scope onto it revealed it to be a shelduck.we hung around for about 2 hours and then a pipit popped up from behind a ridge in the middle of the pool.all i noted was whiteish underparts and a yellow bill base.and then it was gone. after about 5 mins a sparrowhalk flew over and flushed the pipit again and i noted white tail sides.then i was gone never to be seen again.could this be the water pipit im not sure would anybody please help feeling downhearted about not being able to id the pipit i started to head to upton warren.
headed towards the flashes first hoping to see the white we got to the feeder hide the lapwings all took off.there was at least a thousand that covered the sky.christ thats a sight and sound to sighn of the white front though.also noted was 29 curlew a good scattering of teal and a few snipe.
so now over to the moors.there are 3 highlights here a bittern that flew in front of us(around 6 metres away) from the east hide.3 golden plover that landed on the islands briefly and a jack snipe in amongst 41 common snipe.i did also count 151 lapwings here.there were now 3 shelduck.2 greylag geese were on the islands.3 water rails gave superb views from the west hide and i even managed a video of it.

highlighs are:


greylag geese



water rail

golden plover


jack snipe-1

plus most birds from last post from uw

soz for me rushing things towards the end my sister needs to get on the computer to do her coarsework

but even this day couldent get me ready for my week to come

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