Monday, 9 February 2009

my new favorite bird.

well most of you can guess what my new favorite bird is.well if not then take a look at my last few blog entries then you will know.

well there waxwings or should i say the proper name bohemian waxwings.i love everything about them. i love the way they act,the way they sound and there beautiful soft pink plumage. and of cause there apsolute day im sure ill find an image showing one in someones hand(but not been ringed ive seen that picture on birdguides) or perched on there head(steppe grey shrike style).so if anyone has any stories of waxwings leave a post.i just love hearing about them
i found this image on the internet and just thought it was great so i put it on here and updated the 'my most recent lifer'
and now down to birdwatching.
lickhill manor caravan park
the mourning walk was quiet today with no outstanding bird apart from a juv siskin on the entrance road.but this only hinted what as to come.
now when i got to the lake i saw a grey wag bouncing about(year tick).i had a look at the canadian geese to see if BPP was in there and he was(BPP is the ringed canadian which has been semi-resident on the site for the past 2 years.i now know he was ringed as a baby at stubbers green in 2003 and he stayed around there till august 2004 when he disapeared).
but the real interest was from the birch wood behind the lake.clighming over the fallen tree i hearda flock of was very very loud so i presumed it was a big flock.i didnt want to scare them off i went the slightly longer route but come around them from behind.and im so glad i did.siskins everywhere in every birch tree.there was at least 60.i moved slightly into the wood and scanned the flock right.siskin,siskin,siskin,lesserpoll,lesserpoll,siskin.then a flock of goldfinch appeared boosting the flock to well over a hundred.but just as i started to scan again another bird caught my eye.i lifted my bins and stopped dead.large pale redpoll with a slight pink flush to the to be a common/mealy.i watched for a few minuites till i was dead cert about the was a clasic mealy.right so now txt brian stretch,andy shaw,my dad and my other birdy friend andy.this was my second for the site following a bird seen in i also noted chaffinch(lare flock feeding below the siskins.proberbly on the food dropped)and this flock had a brambling(female).i only watched it for a couple of seconds when a spazzahawk flew in awquadly and flushed the lot including the brambling and the mealy.
later in the day i came again after visiting my nan on her birthday to see if i could get a picture of the bird.i relocated the flock by the imense noise the were making.but they had moved onto feeders in someones garden at an awquard angle and i got a brief view of the bird again about 20m away from deffinetly no pictures at this point i gave up to chill out the rest of the day and maby finish my A2 sized waxie picture

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