Monday, 4 August 2014

Gull watching in June!

So it is the first day of June, and I'm heading out to look at Gulls!

It was straight to the Moors Pool as immature Little and Mediterranean Gulls had been seen on and off for some time. 
And it didn't take long for the 1st summer LITTLE GULL to show itself, and as always, hawking for insects low over the north end of the pool in a similar fashion to Marsh Terns.

I always enjoy seeing the smallest of the worlds Gulls, and I was even happier when rather than being on the opposite side of the pool, the bird dropped in to rest on the islands. Interestingly, the bird had a rather 'full' hood, different to the majority of 1st summer Little Gulls I see.It was also interesting to see those very vivid orange/pink legs, which looked rather comical in comparison with the surrounding Black-headed Gulls.

And within that Black-headed Gull flock was also a similarly young aged Mediterranean Gull. Typically worn and grubby, it just slept on the edge of the island for almost the entire time in the hide.
When it did wake however, it revealed a very vivid and very heavy orange bill, standing out like a sore thumb.

At a couple of times, the bird could be seen snoozing in the same scope view as the Little Gull, which was a nice sight on an inland pool.
At least now I cane take solace in the fact that in only another 5 months I can go back to looking at Gulls properly!

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