Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

That time of year again!
The time where good cheer is ment to rule and good wishes ment to be passed.
Oh, and also the time when your bank account takes a huge hit and you wake up on countless mornings with a sore and achey head!
Welcome to Christmas folks!
Although not feeling much of a Christmas spirit this year due to a very rough 2nd half of the year, I feel as though I should wish each of my 153 followers, and each and every viewer of my blog a very Happy Christmas.
Despite very sporadic posting schedules, and often very brief day accounts, it is somewhat heartening to see that people do still drop by to the blog. It has been somewhat of a rollercoaster of a year, and as I posted on Twitter a few hours ago, it has been a real mix of euphoric high's and catastrophic lows, and it is this mix of occurences that have left me in my current blog situation, some amazing days birding with some truly great people combined with a completly shattered desire to then write about it.
I know eventually i will catch up, and i will try my very best to, even if just to prove to myself that it is possible, but i urge you to please stick with it. I'm sure you can all look back on your latter Teenage years, times when you were just too broken, bogged down and admittdly, too often hung over to really get down and working on a task. But it will get there in the end!
Thankyou to everyones support over the last 12 months towards the blog, both through the virtual and the real world. 2013 has certainly been a 'year to remember' for a variety of reasons, sadly the negatives protruding somewhat above the good.
Despite that, i can sincearly say thankyou to everyone who i have shared many a car journey with this year. I have been to some truly amazing places thanks to a variety of generous offers from a host of other Midlands birders, and i have seen some simply stunning birds due to that, and more recently with a variety of young birders from the recently formed Next Generation Birders. You all dont know how much you have helped me limp through the last half a year, so for that i say thankyou.
So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Christmas 2013. Hope you have a good one, and I hope each and everyone of you have a great start to 2014
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas
Craig- MB 


Jason K said...

Merry Christmas Craig...here's to a good 2014!!!

midlands birder said...

Same to you mate, a little belated but the idea what there

Here's hoping! See you around in the new year!