Thursday, 3 October 2013

Patch Migrants

A momentous discovery in patch terms, i was very happy to find an adult SPOTTED FLYCATCHER flycatching off one of the hedges wedged between Lickhill and the riverside fields, a likely location for migrants on patch. I enjoyed a good period watching it, being my first patch SpotFly for around 5 years! The last record being of a juvenile around the same time of year.

However, been stationary at this one spot paid extra dividends when not long after the discovery of the Flycatcher i spotted a large raptor flying up from the south, towards me. As it got closer the long winged look got me immediately interested, and as it circled to the right flicked its wing up, revealing a long and forked tail.


Not the patch rarity that is SpotFly, but a great bird to see, and one i always love to see on patch, usually on a yearly basis. I got a few minutes viewing before it circled off, and flew back south.

It was also great to catch up with a stunning singing Marsh Tit at a regular patch area, and i managed to get some stunning views as it fed around the Willows.

 15 Mandarins were still present along the river, of which 7 were drakes of varying ages (Juvenile males can be separated from females).

(One of the juvenile drake Mandarin Ducks)

 An impressive 25+ Chiffchaff were counted, but only 2 Willow Warbler and a single Whitethroat.

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